Basic education on ostomy care FAQ's.

Important note: The procedures mentioned below is valid for Prowess range of products. For other brands please refer to their instruction manual. The information given here is for educational purpose only. We are not liable for any damage,loss or whatsoever arising due to it. Always take the advice from your surgeon,Enterostomal therapist while attempting which is highly recommended.

Choose the pouch accordingly for colostomy / ileostomy / urostomy.

1. How to apply the single piece system shown in the picture in this website? ( this is same for colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy ) - Refer Video Demo

* Clean the peristomal area with dry clean gauze cloth.

* Ensure the peristomal area is completely dry while applying the pouch.

* Measure the stoma size exactly with stoma scale as this is very important. (see stoma scale image and measurement)

* Cut the pouch according to the size measured (add 1/8 inch above the measured exact size ) and apply immedietely by removing the sticker type label.

* Press the pouch with both hands for 10 minutes (as shown in image). This is very very important for proper sticking and longevity of the pouch.Secure the borders of flange with a adhesive paper tape
The above steps are valid only if there is no skin excoriation.
If skin excoriation is there, apply karrya powder over the area and remove excess powder by gently blowing then follow the above steps from 2 to 5.

2. How to apply a two piece system? ( this is same for colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy )
- Refer Video Demo

* Measure the stoma size exactly with stoma scale as this is very important. (see stoma scale image and measurement).

* Choose the flange size by adding 20 mm to the measured size. For eg if measured stoma size is 36 mm then by adding 20mm to it becomes 56mm, we can choose the nearest size that is 57 mm as the flange size. If the measured size is 20mm then by adding 20 it becomes 40mm. The flange size to be chosen is 45mm. Here if the patient feel comfortable by using the bigger size then that can be chosen.

* Apply the bag to to the flange three to five times by attaching and detaching to make it little smooth while attaching after pasting the flange.

* Cut the flange (inside the ring) exactly as measured with stoma scale.

* Paste the flange immedietely and press the area two to three rounds inside the ring.

* Press it with both hands for 10 min as shown. This is very very important for proper sticking and longevity of the flange.

* Fix the bag to the flange.

3. What is the right time for changing the pouch? (Here changing means applying new pouch (single piece) or flange)

* There is no straight answer to this question. But it is better to change the pouch after night sleep i.e. early morning before consuming coffee/tea.

* For urostomy there is no such ideal time.

4. When to change new pouch?

* If it is single piece system normally it can be changed every 4 to six days. If no irritation or leakage is there then it can be continued for another few days.

* For a two piece system the flange alone needs to be changed after 5 to 15 days or if any leakage or irritation is there.

* The bag can be washed and reused until the odour does not vanish even after washing.

5. How to take bath with pouching?

* See the image below.

* Make a one like this and tie it as shown. If required put a micropore tape along the top edge.

* With this ostomates can bath comfortably.

6. How to remove pouch when there is excessive hair growth in abdominal area?

* This problem is mostly for male patients.

* Such patients need to wet the peristomal area with warm water or soap solution and remove the pouch very gently from top along the direction of hair growth.

* If paste is used after removing the pouch/ flange remove the residual layer by gently applying soap solution.

7. How to clean the peristomal area?

* Use warm water/ mild soap/ Povidone iodine solution with wet gauze to clean.

* After cleaning, dry it completely and ensure no solution is left over as this will affect the sticking of pouch to be used after this.

8. When to empty the pouch?

* It is recommended to empty the pouch when it is one third full.

* Do not allow it to get filled completely as this will add pressure to the sticking area and reduce the life of the pouching system.

9. Is usage of paste absolutely necessary?

* In some cases where the peristomal area is not uniform and has crests and troughs then paste may be necessary.

* Also in some ileostomy patients or patients with weeping skin the usage of paste may be needed.

* This is decided by the concerned surgeon and the Stoma Therapist.

10. Which is the best system single piece or two piece systems?

There is no correct answer to this. The patient has to decide by trial and error method to know which suits him the best, and which is very simple according to him. Simpler the device, more comfortable for user.

11. How to remove flatus (gas) and prevent excessive odour?

To remove gas remove the tail closure (Clip) and let the gas escape.

12. How to reduce the Odour?

For reduction of odour consume odour producing food stuffs in little quantity and put a piece of charcoal inside the pouch.

13. How to apply Tail closure Clip? - Refer Video Demo