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Our Mission : To Provide best rehabilitation to every Ostomate

We dedicate this website to Ms.C.A.SAROJA who is our Guru, friend, Philospher and chief motivator.
Member World council of Entero Stomal Therapists South East Asian region.
Retired Nursing Superintendent Government Stanley Hospital, Chennai, India

We also thank Mrs. K. GNANAMBAL who provided us the necessary financial support.

Brief Introduction about Ms. C.A. Saroja :

A gold medalist in nursing during her academic career and won various awards for outstanding contributions in the fields like Peadiatric Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Enterostomal Therapy, Hospital Administration, Midwifery and Special Subjects.

Awards won by her are :

* State second merit (surgery)
* Hiralal Narang award 1983 (for ostomates service)
* Wisdom award in 1994.

She has published various publications on subjects like , Ostomates, Role of ET, Urostomy Care, Vegetarianism, etc.,

Papers published :

Stoma site selection, Stoma therapy and quality of life, Importance of stomal site marking, Stomal complications and its preventions, Ostomy appliances, Problems of ostomates, Role of ET, Rehabilitation of ostomates, Activities of stoma clinic, Management of stoma, Surgical emergencies and its management, Ideal stoma, Geriatric nursing, Ostomy management in children etc.

Book : Stoma management and its care.

For Book Requirement kindly email to : etcasaroja1939@gmail.com

Foreword from Ms.C.A.Saroja.

Ostomy surgeries were performed by surgeons in south India in early 1950s. There were no proper appliance, Medical history says that patients (Ostomates) were using bulky pads and bandages, tins and cups to collect the effluent. This made them to be isolated from their own family members, because of effluent leakage and odour. They were cut off from the society.

I would like to bring one incident happened during my student Nurse period in the year 1959 to 1961. I had come across to attend on a patient with Colostomy (Transverse) for obstructive symptoms. No appliance was available. His body was covered by news paper and placed him in the veranda on a mat very near to the Latrine. The whole area was in a bad odour. No one likes to near him. His wife and relatives used to visit him in the evening hours, by closing their Nose and stand far away from him for few minutes and go away. Flies all over him and in the surrounding places too. This incident made me to think seriously and pathetically, hence it was my long term dream to provide better Ostomy care and proper appliances to the Ostomates to lead a normal life so that they can move freely by attending all social functions. At that time the appliance supply is inadequate and people were not aware where it is available.

Now two volunteers named Mr. R. Sundararajan and Mr. R. Krithivasan have come forward to help the needy people on a humanitarian basis. Visiting the patient at the hospital and at home, the consulting charges are based on the socio-economical status of the Ostomates.

They are providing information about Ostomy care, appliances with the help of PROWESS CARE products. Its main objectives are to give counselling through arranging Ostomy visitor (Rehabilitated person leading normal life is an example) to encourage the fellow patient. They provide proper appliance at affordable cost. They attend on patients in pouching system at the patient’s doorstep. Hence patients and their family members can gain knowledge and deliver better service to the society.

Today the advancement in techniques has tremendously improved and people in different countries are keen in understanding the facts through website. This website is the small beginning and definitely will expand its service in an elaborate way in the globe. This web site provides basic information on Ostomy care. It answers some of the frequently asked questions by patients (FAQ’s).

Thanks to Mr. R. Sundararajan and Mr. R. Krithivasan who have taken much effort and interest on this matter. Hope this will improve still more in a better way with new knowledge and information on Ostomy care and appliances from time to time.

Sugesstions and feedback are always welcome for the improvement of this website.

I wish their success in this field which will enable the Ostomates to utilize the services continually.


It is my immense pleasure to exhibit my “Guru” Mrs. Anjali Patwardhan was the only one Entero-stomal therapist in India in the year 1975. She under went training on Entero-stomal therapy at Ohio-USA under the leadership of Dr .Robert Turn Bull M.D. and Mrs. Norma Gill ( rehabilitated Ileostomate) who is named as an Entero-stomal therapist. Mrs. Anjali Patwardhan was positioned at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – MUMBAI as a teacher in Entero- stomal therapy course in collaboration with SNDT University MUMBAI. Mr. Hiralal Narang (founder of Entero-stomal therapy school) and Mr. Ramakant Shah (founder president of OSTOMY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA) were the pioneers to establish the training course at Tata Memorial Hospital. Mumbai. I was the second batch of Entero-stomal therapy Trainee in 1982 Oct – 1983 January. At the time she was the only one Lecturer among the other professionals. She is not only the lecturer; she is the guide, adviser, recorder, examiner and evaluator. She is very kind towards the Ostomates. She maintained interpersonal relationship with other deportments which enable her to achieve the goal.

Her maintenance of co-operation and co-ordination with every one from lower level to top level administration is exemplary. She attended meetings seminars, conferences in India and abroad as well. She conducted the APETNA Conference in the year November 2007 at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. Delegates from different countries attended the conference. It is a mile stone in her career.

Though she is retired from the institution according to the rules and regulations, she serves continually to the needy people. I have a great respect on her as my “Guru” we both will exchange our ideas from time to time regarding this growth of Ostomy care.