Services provided :

* Personalised ostomy care
* counselling (with emphasis to self care for applying pouches).
* Arrangement of ostomy visitor(if needed).
* Application of pouching system by highly skilled / experienced stoma professional.
* Hospital/House Visits undertaken.
* Educating the attenders, relatives about stoma care and application of pouches.
* Ensuring continuous availability of products at affordable cost.


* A flat fee will be collected as consulting fee.
* Travel costs has to be borne by the patient if service has to be provided outside the city of stoma therapist's stay.
* No consulting charges for patients in Government hospitals general ward or if felt by the therapist but the patient has to pay for the pouches.

We maintain transparency in charges and tell in advance the advantages and short comings in using each system without bias. We try to understand the financial / social background before suggesting the pouching system. Also we ensure that system is economical to the patient in the long run.

we offer the choice to the patient to choose. We don’t force to use a particular brand or system.